Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

TBC Classics 5

TBC Classics 5

Never before seen video from my personal archives of a Pet ball tied and paddled over her pantyhose covered ass. Pulled from tapes of my second ever professional shoot in 1997. Previously deleted scene from TBC 26. I put my stripper Pet into a standing one leg predicament. Sloppy bondage but it gets the job done to the 19 year old redhead. This is a scene from a deleted video shot back in the site's first year. Porn star Kimi Lixx plays a country girl tied and gagged for foot tickled and foot whipping. Shot in 2002. Goth girl Madison Blue suspended upside down over my bed. Shot for discontinuted tbc27, pornstar Samantha St. James bound strappado and whipped. A good drooling clip as she chokes on her ball gag. Shot in 2002, a young Crystal Frost tied by Sgt. Major on his bed. gagged tight with a ball gag and wrapped over. Fiven multiple screaming orgasms by my ex gf. Young emo Madison Blue suspended by Sgt. Major for his site back in 2003. The first scene I shot for Sgt. Major. Shot at my home in Cleveland in 2002 with Crimson. Sarge learns his Dom chops using crotchropes, clothespins, panty gagging, and flogging. Woman in school girl chlothes captured, bound and gagged. Damsel in distress chair bondage. Re mastered from a shoot in 2002, porn star nude, spread eagle, tape gagged, massager strapped to her pussy, clothespins on her nipples, struggles until she cums. .

Video: wmv, 640x480, 1 915 Kbps
Duration: 1h 43mn
File size: 1.49 GiB

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