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Punished Office Girl

Punished Office Girl

Stars: Foxy, Trina, Dan Hawke

Haughty Foxy is pulled into Dan's playroom dressed office clothing. Her arms are hoisted overhead and Dan spreads her legs wide as he fondles her ripe body. He slowly removes her clothing and cuts her panties away, stuffing them in her mouth and draping them in place.
A crotch rope is added and we enjoy her struggles. We see her next in a crotchless bodysuit. She is tied to a stool as a rope splits her pussy and sinks deep between her lips. This is one tight crotch rope!
Now a nude Foxy is a spread-eagled and Dan adds steel clamps to her nipples, crimping them tight. Her pussy lips are clamped with mousetraps and a dowel rod is shoved against her open cunt, pulling her labia tautly. After that Foxy experiences the joy of a classic hogtie, Dan crops her a little just for extra fun.
For her last scene, Foxy is bent into a strappado position and Dan works her ass over with floggers, crops and a cane. This babe is completely broken.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 01:29:11
Size: 823 MB

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