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Darkly Dreaming Darling

Darkly Dreaming Darling

Stars: Darling, Dan Hawke

We open on darling on the bed reading some old bondage mags. Growing excited, Darling begins to masturbate, fantasizing about someone doing the same things to her she sees in the magazines. We see her hand in close-up at her crotch, but when the camera pulls back we find it is in Dan's hand on her sweet puss. Is he real? Or part of her fantasy? He treats her to breast bondage and crotch rope.
Next we find Darling again breast bound kneeling on a platform. Dan attaches a pussy rope and attaches her breast bondage overhead to put her up on knee point. Now darling is chair bound, a bucket hanging from a rope threaded thru her pussy. Dan starts water pouring into a bucket and as Darling struggles and moans the cruel pussy rope cuts ever deeper as the weight increases.
Darling is then bound to a stool as Dan binds her giant titties with harsh wire. He adds pussy rope and pulls it skywards bringing her into an arch. Finally she is bound crucifix style. Hemostats are clamped on both nipples and Dan hoists her meaty teats skyward, exposing the soft underside of her breasts. He proceeds to crop and flog her titties until they glow a bright red. A slideshow and short "behind the scenes' feature are included.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 01:35:10
Size: 830 MB

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