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TBC 2012 Vol. 10

TBC 2012 Vol. 10

Stars: Rene Phoenix, Aiyana, Stephanie Mars, Chloe C.


Scene 1: Muscular pet playfully strips and is eager to get tied up. I tease her as I tie her on screen.
Scene 2: Muscular pet ball gagged and kept on the edge of orgasm by the massager hanging between her legs, barely touching her wet pussy.
Scene 3: The dildo attachment buried and tied in, the vibrations set to high, my muscle pet screams in multiple orgasms thru her ring gag. When she has had enough she will be set free - after she jerks me off.
Scene 4: My MILF is so ready to be tied up; she jumps on the bed and starts playing with her clit. I have her cuff and gag her own self. I tie her featuring breast bondage, and use a vibrating egg held in by a crotch rope.
Scene 5: MILF is flogged while a vibrating egg keeps on the edge of orgasms. After I have had my fill of whipping her I turn up the vibrations and leave her.
Scene 6: Busty MILF teased with a hanging massager barely touching her meaty pussy lips.
Scene 7: Nipple tied, keeping the massager with g spot attachment buried deep in her pussy. This busty MILF can’t stop Cumming hard. Scene 8: Rene is frog tied on my bed. Kat strips, positions herself with her pussy over Rene’s mouth, grabs, the controller to the vibrator and makes Rene service her while she controls the tiny blonds’ orgasms. This is lesbian bondage orgasms at it's best.

Resolution: 568 x 320
Time: 01:50:03
Size: 608 MB

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