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Behind The Red Door 2

Behind The Red Door 2

Stars: Loren Chance, Mistress Corinne
Series: Behind The Red Door
Director: BIP

Loren continues her job audition to be a professional submissive for Mistress Corinne. Her endurance is tested with a lengthy pussy flogging and clamps on her nipples. Soon she is flipped over to receive a harsh ass flogging and paddles to a bright red. Loren’s head is then completely medical wrapped with only her nose exposed for air. She is then tickled with a huge feather by the mistress.

The sensations don’t stop there as she is latched to the table and suffers hot wax and ice cubes dripped and rubbed over her naked body. For the final touch she is brought to orgasm with a huge vibrator and her screams are heard behind the red door!

File Name : fem_437_Behind_The_Red_Door_2.wmv
File Size : 498Mb
Duration : 00:52:59
Resolution: 480×360

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