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Camp Of Correction

Camp Of Correction

Stars: Sofia Ferrari, Epiphany, Brooke Waters, Ivy English
Director: Olivia Outre

Auntie Vera knows what to do with these bad girls when no one else wants to deal with them! “Auntie” teaches these naughty and promiscuous ladies how to behave and respect the wishes of the “Matriarch”, whoever she may be. With a firm hand she administers harsh spankings to her charges Crissy and Candy, two women who have been at camp for several weeks and spend most of their time complaining. Caught staying up past bedtime, Auntie Vera delivers the discipline they so sorely need.
When Danielle lands on the doorstep, “Auntie” can see that she has her work cut out for her. Danielle has a major attitude problem, and in no time joins Crissy and Candy in a daring attempt to cross the river and get to the boy’s camp. “Auntie” catches them and skillfully “wipes” the cavalier attitudes and fearless dispositions from them.
Sophia Ferrari As the stern “Auntie” Vera, Ivy English and Brooke Waters as the naughty females in this video which takes a close look into correctional facilities that is anything but traditional.

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