Dienstag, 31. März 2015

HarmonyC - Reluctance!

HarmonyC - Reluctance!

Mary Jane, Kelly Moon, Amber Michaels, Angelique Lei, Ander Page, Chanta Rose, Anna Mills, Karina Santos

Oak's Heroines' rollicking, bondage-packed second installment begins with a psychological bondage-thriller (the title story), boasting onscreen tying (by yours truly) and a full body mummification!
The short stories "The Amber and Ander Show" and "Black and White" will get you chuckling at each bondage predicament; and the very bond-erotic busom-to-busom Chanta and Anna sequence will get your heart pumping fast! Add to that Karina's very frustrating tie up, and, as a follow up to OH1's "Fetish Magazine" segment, "Bondage Glamour Magazine" features bound beauties Amber and Angelique.

Resolution: 720x480
Time: 01:29:52
Size: 512 MB


Montag, 30. März 2015

HarmonyC - Nude Bondage Personal Ad

HarmonyC - Nude Bondage Personal Ad

Nikki Steele & Meitze Katzen with Sharon Kane.

Sharon and Nikki are perusing the personal ads looking for someone to join them in their bondage play. They find the perfect ad: a woman looking for two beautiful women, 35 years or under, to tie her up and gag her. From the personal statistics the woman states in her ad, she sounds like heaven, and so Sharon and Nikki phone her up and invite her over. Then Sharon places Nikki in a stunning chair-tie to await the arrival of their new friend. When Meitze arrives, she's immediately happy to see that her ad has won her the kind of response she was looking for. She can hardly keep her eyes off the naked Nikki in her chair-tie. When Sharon asks Meitze if she"d like to be tied up too, Meitze enthusiastically agrees, and immediately takes off her dress and panties. Sharon places the dark, exotic Meitze in a sensational standing tie (Sharon's ropework gets better all the time!). The storyline really heats up once Sharon decides to tie her two willing bondagettes together...

Resolution: 640x480
Time: 00:39:21
Size: 563 MB


Sonntag, 29. März 2015

HarmonyC - Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

HarmonyC - Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Jenni Lee, Lydia McLane, Cassandra Knight, Lena Ramon, Nicole Moore, Ginger Sands, Courtney Chambers, Casey Sinclair, Kat Le, Staci Sweet, Brooke Taylor, Rubee Tuesday, Cheryl Dynasty, Ava Barton, Katarina Valentine

When we shoot vignettes to be dropped into storyline videos, we usually give the models this direction: "Meanwhile back at the ranch, you're in big trouble!" We've collected a bunch of these high-heeled damsel scenes and put them into this compilation, starring Jenni Lee, Lydia McLane, Cassandra Knight, Lena Ramon, Nicole Moore, Ginger Sands, Courtney Chambers, Casey Sinclair, Kat Le, Staci Sweet, Brook Taylor, Rubee Tuesday and Cheryl Dynasty, as well as newcomers Ava Barton, Katarina Valentine and Lexia. Some scenes also feature onscreen tying and gagging — This is a welcome addition for all fans of bondagettes in heels!

Resolution: 720x480
Time: 01:48:45
Size: 613 MB


Samstag, 28. März 2015

Never Trust A Slave

Never Trust A Slave

Stars: Ruby Richards, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Ariele Cole, Cindy Cindy

Intrigue. Jealousy. Vengeance. Mix well and you've got a witch's brew of bountiful bondage and tantalizing torment. Volatile and voluptuous domina Sarah Jane Hamilton can't get enough of the eager attentions of her new toy Cindy, much to the chagrin of her long-time personal slave Ruby. Turning to fellow submissive Ariele, Ruby plots a grudge session to send Cindy packing. As usual, however, the best lid plans of scheming slaves lead to burning buns for all, when Mistress Sarah uncovers their machinations, not to mention their soon-to-be-tanned hides. Amid rivers of molten wax and piles of clothespins - and after many a vigorous flogging - Ruby and Ariele learn who is the boss lady of the brood.
If there's one thing every good Mistress knows it's Never Trust A Slave!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 0:58:26
Size: 551 Mb


Freitag, 27. März 2015

MaleDom 1 -The Masters

MaleDom 1 -The Masters

Stars: Cheri, Ava, Jonny, Master Rob, Eric X

Wasteland (winner AVN Best BDSM/Fetish and XBiz Excellence in Alternative Erotica awards) produces some of the most cutting edge BDSM movies ever shot. In this series you'll enjoy the best masters and the best slaves. Join Jonny, Eric X, and Master Rob as they show their female slave the meaning of BDSM!
Scene 1: All She Can Take: Jonny conducts himself as one would if he were perpetually pissed at the world. Cheri has already felt the weight of his flogger and for her second time around she allows herself to be suspended from the ceiling, fully exposed and vulnerable..
Scene 2: The Good Bitch: Eric does not tolerate disobedience or petulance very well and he just wanted to make sure Bitch knew the consequences of all her actions.
Scene 3: Training Ava: Master Rob is disgusted by his little slave Ava who has trouble remembering her place. He knows only one way to get her back in line and this time it’s going to memorable.
Scene 4: Cheri Goes All the Way: Strapped to a wooden rack with her pussy exposed Cheri lies in wait for what is sure to be an experience she will never forget.

Resolution: 852 x 480
Time: 0:52:54
Size: 479 Mb


Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

Tales Of The Black & Blue -The Doll

Tales Of The Black & Blue -The Doll

Stars: Jewell Marceau, Byron Knight

In the fourth Tales Of the Black & Blue, we have the story of the "The Doll". Weak-kneed Byron has just come home from a yard sale where he bought an old doll which starts his loud and obnoxious wife Jewell to scold him like a child. But Byron isn't going to take it today; he's hearing voices from the doll that make him pissed and take charge.

He throws Jewell over his lap for a good spanking, puts her through a series of tight bondage positions to teach her a lesson. Bound, gagged, and drooling Jewell has no idea what has come over her husband but she's starting to like it. What other mischief will the doll cause this unhappy couple?

Bonus Footage Included!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 0:55:01
Size: 516 Mb


Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

Chamber Of Pain

Chamber Of Pain

If you love to take control – or love to give it up then this is the DVD for you! These ladies love to be bound, gagged and dominated! Something about surrendering control is a true turn-on for these wicked and wild, but obedient subs! Scene one features 69 suspension bondage when this multi-tasking Master dominates two obedient subs. This blond bombshell’s bottom is spanked till its beet red before getting her reward…a hardcore fucking!

Resolution: 640 x 480
Time: 1:00:30
Size: 400 Mb


Dienstag, 24. März 2015

Cherry Torn At The Ranch

Cherry Torn At The Ranch

Stars: Cherry Torn

Cherry Torn is no stranger to bondage, but she’s never had any ponygirl training until now. On a remove Arizona desert ranch this lovely blonde bondage babe is subjected to all types of outdoor BDSM action! First, she is shackled and gagged while she awaits her training. She is then placed naked, ball-gagged, and still shackled into a cage on top of a van. Exposed and helpless, she is driven down back roads to her place of training.

Cherry is harnessed and bridled, and she learns to pull a cart along harsh desert roads barefoot and with heavy bells clamped to her nipples. Next, Cherry is shackled naked and put to work in the sun moving heavy rocks. And finally, this sorry slavegirl is chained in an exposed position and is whipped with a variety of punishing instruments, including whips, canes, and paddles.

Resolution: 640 x 480
Time: 1:35:19
Size: 1.4 Gb


Montag, 23. März 2015

Pleasureable Getaway

Pleasureable Getaway

Stars: Sindee Coxx, Goldie

These women are on holiday from their boyfriends, and are delighted at the thought and pleasure of it all. Entering their rustic log cabin they spot the remnants of a previous time away. There on the couch lay the ropes from before. Anxious to get back to their erotic zones, Sindee is soon tied and pleasured. Back and forth the action goes, sometimes each is brought to the brink of sexual pleasure only to be teased back to that pitiful ache, but they do reach orgasm as colored ropes and leather cuffs are used to further their excitement. These lovely ladies will soon be aching for some time away from home sooner than we think!!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 0:56:00
Size: 523 Mb


Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Japanisches Bondage - Das Bindeglied

Japanisches Bondage - Das Bindeglied

Stars: Arlis, Hagen
Director: Hera Delgado

Hagen enters a deep dark place where Arlis awaits. She sits with her fetish mask, leather dress and boots. Hagen bends down to her and hands her ropes. She orders him to undress. These are Japanese tradition of bondage and suspension. Even his genitals are tied. She has no mercy on him and he is completely submissive.

Resolution: 852x480
File Size : 1306Mb
Duration : 01:30:34


Samstag, 21. März 2015

HarmonyC - Prove It!

HarmonyC - Prove It!

Julie Simone, Sadie Atkins, Abby Cameron, Amber Michaels,
Paige Richards, Mary Jane

This non-stop rope-and-gag-packed frenzy features beauties being titillatingly tied by other beauties -- but also by beasts Ikaras and Oak! Julie Simone is the delicious female bondager in two stories -- "Spice Up Your Life" and "Neighbor Needs Binding" -- tying up sexy struggling Sadie, Paige and Abby. Then Julie becomes taut bindee in a "stalk and capture" vignette followed by the grabbing and tying of Amber in the same unrelenting manner. Mary Jane is bound by an intruder -- or is he her lover?!
The incredible climax features the guys tying Sadie, Paige and Julie in standing spread eagles (and post tie)!

Resolution: 720x480
Time :01:44:54
Size: 2,05 GB


Freitag, 20. März 2015

Femdom Violations

Femdom Violations

Femdom, Fetish, BDSM, StrapOn, Toys, Spanking, All Girl

Maxine X, Katrina, Jezebel Knight (as Mistress Jezebel), Magdalena (as Mistress Magdalena)

This is Femdom action at its best, as the Dominatrix become the dominated in Part 1 of this sexy bondage/fetish series

Video: XviD 480x352 23.976 fps 957 kbps [Raw Video 1]
Time: 01:11:49
Size: 629,59 Mb


Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

Bondage Video 14

Bondage Video 14

You'll find no filler in this video. Just bondage, pure and straight. The bizarre dreamworld of The Bondage Zone, the harsh reality of slave training in The Bondage Master, and Training of Sharon 2, and the lovely harem of harnessed honies in Beauties in Bondage make this selection of scenes a delightful viewing experience.

Here fantasy becomes reality as women clad in lingerie are gagged, tied and ready for submission in this great collection from BDSM masters CS.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 1:03:00
Size: 550 Mb


Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

Assholics Anonymous

Assholics Anonymous

Stars: Madame Nadine, Marie, Mistress Renee
Director: Irene Boss

Vanessa has a problem. She is obsessed with ASS! Dr Nadine invited a specialist "Dr Anderson Smith AKA Mistress Renee" from Philadelphia to the rescue. ASS obsessed Vanessa hopes to challenge the sexy specialist, but Dr. Smith prevails in blowing her brain gasket with radical therapy methods proven to cure sexual addictions. Hot female ASSES going up the stairs encased in girdles, t-backs and stockings and frequently - encased in nothing at all. ASS insertions, full ASS worship, female masturbation, ASS smelling, ass licking, rimming, cavity search, vaginal strap-on on, ASS tasting, strait jackets, DP, verbal humiliation, ASS to mouth, erotic spitting mouth to mouth, and ASS dialogue. Vanessa announces that Dr Smith's ASS tastes like peaches! Dr Smith introduces her own ASS. Yes it's all about the ASS. Electrical ass insertions. ASS OVERLOAD. You have arrived. Watch the DVD. ASS or air? You decide.

File Size : 390Mb
Duration : 00:45:37
Resolution: 720x480


Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Truth Or Bondage

Truth Or Bondage

Stars: Mika Tan, Jewell Marceau, Talia Monet, Devin DeMoore, Shannon Kelly

A lighthearted game of "Truth or Dare" becomes a heavy scene involving Jewell Marceau, Her ex-girlfriend Talia Monet, and her new girlfriend Shannon Kelly. Even neighbors Mika Tan and Devin Demoore get involved. Day is night! Up is down! Dry is wet! Anything can happen in "Truth or Bondage"!!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 1:12:01
Size: 680 Mb


Montag, 16. März 2015

Snared For Submission

Snared For Submission

Stars: Marc Wolfe, Kashmir, Cathy Cho

A lonely parking lot. A broken down car. An innocent woman in need. The perfect brew for a bondage master searching for a new recruit to enslave and punish. Having secured slave, Cathy, in a hog-tie and gag, Master Marc happens upon distressed damsel, Kashmir. He quickly binds and ball-gags the unsuspecting victim, spiriting her away to his dungeon. There she is treated to the Master's harsh training, and the humiliation of sharing the passion and pain with slave Cathy. Don't miss the eroticism of a true newcomer introduced to the bizarre world of dominance and submission!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 0:50:01
Size: 464 Mb


Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Lust, Ties, & Videotape

Lust, Ties, & Videotape

Stars: Fallon, Tanya Foxx

Tanya Foxx comes home, bitching to her seemingly innocent roommate Fallon. She has just returned from the "shoot from hell" and she describes the B&D stuff she encountered. Fallon doesn't quite understand the problem and decides to tie Tanya up to see what she's talking about. Tanya taunts Fallon as she tries to tie the knots, and this leads to a back and forth titillation scene which is marvelously erotic. The result is two sexy girls crawling all over each other until finally a stranger arrives and binds them together causing them both to reach climactic pleasures.

Resolution: 640 x 480
Time: 1:04:52
Size: 939 Mb


Samstag, 14. März 2015

Betrayed II - Mika's Revenge

Betrayed II - Mika's Revenge

Stars: Mika Tan, Francesca Le', Kelli Thomas

When Francesca Le takes home Kelli Thomas from the bar one night, she doesn't expect that she is about to be the subject of Mika Tan's revenge! These exceptionally sexy women quickly get wound up in a torrid tale of bondage and punishment that is guaranteed to thrill and excite! Ample breasted Francesca finds herself bound and gagged in a variety of ways as Mika and Kelli play, torment, and abandon her. Don't worry, though, sensuous Mika finds herself in bondage before the night is through!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 1:10:00
Size: 642 Mb


Freitag, 13. März 2015

Together Again In Bondage

Together Again In Bondage

Fetish, All Girl, Bondage

Jewell Marceau and Brandi

Jewell & Brandi are together again in this special feature video displaying the two toughest bondage models from classic bondage past! Tes it's true! Brandi has made a brief comeback starring in my latest bondage video release. The gorgeous, busty blonde we fell in love with in tightest bonds a woman can handle has come back to be slave girl in distress to find a moment of freedom from her enslaved playmate Jewell Marceau. There is ultra tight rope bondage with suspension, forced orgasms from two tied up slave girls, forced to endure their bonds together. Here she is the bondage model we have been waiting for Brandi and her favorite playmate Jewell together again!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 00:56:59
Size: 527 Mb


Donnerstag, 12. März 2015

Ashley Renee's Kink & Trash

Ashley Renee's Kink & Trash

Stars: Francesca Le', Stacy Burke, Scar, Krissy Kage

Get ready for 100% bondage with some of the best bondage models in the world. Ashley Renee's Kink & Trash Vol. 3 features six vignettes with full nudity and girl on girl fetish play. From the dungeon to the living room, we have it all for you in this 90-minute bondage film.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 1:32:00
Size: 852 Mb


Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Bip Shoots 2

Bip Shoots 2

Stars: Chanel, BIP, Amanda Morrison, Whitney Prescott, Francesca Le

Bip is looking to take the perfect bondage photo. And he’s brought Whitney, Francesca and Chanel along for the fun! Bip has a new photo subject and her name is Amanda Morrison. She is put in a variety of tight bondage poses and situations as Bip clicks away, trying to get the perfect bondage photo. For the fun of it, Bip throws Amanda over his lap for some hard ass spanking, then it's back to work. As Amanda is stretched on the rack and then put into a hogtie, Whitney, Francesca, and Chanel are playing their own bondage games with each other in the next room. Amanda may think twice before she volunteers to be Bip's model next time!

Resolution: 640 x 480
Time: 0:57:08
Size: 866 Mb


Montag, 9. März 2015

Pain Bitch

Pain Bitch

Stars: Juliette

Juliette hears a knock on her door while she puts on makeup. She goes to the door and finds an intruder in her way! What is his plan? He takes out a long whip and whips now ass and the whole body of Juliette. Ouch! Not cool for Juliette. The next scene has Juliette being a bad girl, getting bent over, than getting her plump behind spanked!

File Size : 457Mb
Duration : 00:25:35
Resolution: 1920x1080


Sonntag, 8. März 2015

HarmonyC - Please Let Me Go

HarmonyC - Please Let Me Go

Whitney Prescott plays a spy who is caught, tied and loses her shoes, courtesy of Eliot Shear. Following that exciting scene, Whitney is hogtied wearing a sundress and sandals, bound barefoot in her exercise gear and roped in bed wearing nothing but her tight jeans. Then Eliot and Julia Leahy play out two short domestic bondage scenarios which feature Julia as a barefoot damsel-in-distress and then as a girlfriend who carelessly tracks up the carpet with her dirty feet. Finally, California beach-bunny Sunset Thomas performs in a number of bare-chested, barefoot vignettes that feature on-screen gaggings and some duct-tape wrapping

Size: 749 MB
Duration: 1:43:48
Video: 512x384, DivX 5, 976kbps