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MaleDom 1 -The Masters

MaleDom 1 -The Masters

Stars: Cheri, Ava, Jonny, Master Rob, Eric X

Wasteland (winner AVN Best BDSM/Fetish and XBiz Excellence in Alternative Erotica awards) produces some of the most cutting edge BDSM movies ever shot. In this series you'll enjoy the best masters and the best slaves. Join Jonny, Eric X, and Master Rob as they show their female slave the meaning of BDSM!
Scene 1: All She Can Take: Jonny conducts himself as one would if he were perpetually pissed at the world. Cheri has already felt the weight of his flogger and for her second time around she allows herself to be suspended from the ceiling, fully exposed and vulnerable..
Scene 2: The Good Bitch: Eric does not tolerate disobedience or petulance very well and he just wanted to make sure Bitch knew the consequences of all her actions.
Scene 3: Training Ava: Master Rob is disgusted by his little slave Ava who has trouble remembering her place. He knows only one way to get her back in line and this time it’s going to memorable.
Scene 4: Cheri Goes All the Way: Strapped to a wooden rack with her pussy exposed Cheri lies in wait for what is sure to be an experience she will never forget.

Resolution: 852 x 480
Time: 0:52:54
Size: 479 Mb

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