Freitag, 1. November 2013

Beg For Mercy

Beg For Mercy

Stars: Misty Rain, Ashley Renee, Alexis Payne, June Bauer

Two well-dressed, beautiful looking women are meeting in a forbidding looking warehouse, where June expects a payoff from wealthy Alexis for the return of some incriminating photos. June further backs up her threat by introducing her two companions, just in case Alexis “gets any ideas” Then June makes a fatal mistake, she asks for more than was originally agreed on. Suddenly Alexis has June in handcuffs, and June’s companions are quickly overpowered by Alexis’ male bodyguards. June’s greed is about to be rewarded. Alexis now becomes Mistress Alexis Payne, and the warehouse has been transformed into a dungeon of punishments. Her three whimpering prisoners are subjected to an array of torments: The Rack, whips, clothespins, the breast press, the platform, and the pillory. Finally Mistress Payne decides her lessons have left a lasting impression concerning the folly of blackmail, and prepares to leave her sobbing victims. She takes her money and all of her photos and leaves June with this advice: “The rackets aren’t for you, try getting a job as a waitress!”

File Size : 642 MB
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:08:00

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