Freitag, 21. März 2014

In Their Nature

In Their Nature

She didn’t know that perversion was…In Their Nature. This is the brutal story of a Psycho father (Joseph Marx) and adult son (Jon O’Brien) who drug, bind, gag and torture the son’s pretty 18-year-old girlfriend Suzy (Bridgette Bayonne). After she refuses his clumsy sexual advances, dad offers Suzy a nightcap, which is laced with a drug cocktail. Soon poor Suzy is retching and convulsing, finally collapsing into a spittle smeared body into a back bedroom for further inspection. It soon becomes clear this isn’t their first victim. Suzy is stripped, then subjected to a bound and gagged shower “cleansing”, a double assault while taped hand and foot to a broom stick, copious hot waxing, a welt filled belt beating and a nipple twisting tit torture session with a rusty pair of pliers. Will poor Suzy escape the evil grasp of this father and son tag team of sickos? Find out when you see In Their Nature!

Video: wmv, 480x360, 1 250 Kbps
Duration: 1h 5mn
File size: 619 MiB

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