Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Second Time Tightly!

Second Time Tightly!

She’s a new Mistress and she will prove her value. She has what it takes to be a dominant and you’ll soon find out. Two women have as session with the Mistress and they are quite rebellious. They won’t be the same after her session.

She makes sure both women have their attention solely on her. Putting ball bags in their mouth helps to quiet their complaints. The tighter the ropes the quicker the humiliation happens. She also removes clothing from the women before tying them to the chair, saw-horse, or making sure they’re secure on the floor in an uncomfortable position. To make her both with these women, she leaves them alone for a bit. She likes this because they have to think about their actions and the consequences.

File Size : 880Mb
Duration : 01:00:18
Resolution: 640x480


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