Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Kill Syl Volume 2

Kill Syl Volume 2

Stars: Francesca Le', Sharon Kane, Talia Monet, Darby, Scar, Krissy Kage
Series: Kill Syl
Director: BIP

Kill Syl V2 is the continuing saga of Bunny and Claire as they finally confront the Goddess Bitch Syl for retribution, titillation and general bad behavior. Cutting out Bunny's tongue so that she can't eat pussy is extreme and so is Bunny's payback! Lotsa sexy ladies doing evil things to each other in a manner that puritanical interests would never approve! Kill Syl V2 contains tease and lick fests aplenty. Watch it with someone you love!

File Size : 714 Mb
Duration : 01:15:59
Resolution: 480x360

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