Sonntag, 9. August 2015

Wenona's Challenge

Wenona's Challenge

Stars: Paige Richards, Wenona

Bored Wenona challenges Paige to what she thinks to be an easy win, an arm wrestling contest. Paige agrees just to get Wenona to leave her alone. Wenona sets the challenge; best 2 of 3 wins. The loser must submit for a full 24 hours. Wenona assumes she will be the victor considering she spends all her free time working on her muscles. Wenona was wrong ... Paige wins the challenge! Paige decides to have a little fun with Wenona. She first has Wenona dress in a nylon encasement outfit while performing her gymnastics and yoga poses. She then gives Wenona a makeover while she is tape bound. Paige has the chance to make her into the perfect bondage doll. Paige puts Wenona through a series of challenges, some fun but mostly really tough. Wenona will think twice before challenging anyone from now on ... especially Paige!

File Size : 794Mb
Duration : 01:26:59
Resolution: 480 x 360

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