Montag, 28. März 2016

Miss0gyny No. 1

Miss0gyny No. 1

Stars: Cherry Torn, Krysta Kaos, Miss Crash, Sophie Elly


Miss Crash loves nothing more than to dole out terrifying and agonizing attention to beautiful women. She begins with Krysta Kaos, gagging the lovely submissive and blindfolding her so she cannot see where next she’ll be touched. Attached to a spreader bar, she cannot closer her legs, so she is subjected to a pussy whipping, tight clamps on her tender lips, and the application of a vibrator to her sensitive clit. She is also caned and has clamps attached to her nipples.
Next, Miss Crash has fun with Sophie Elly, a cute brunette that wears herself out saying “Ouch!” so many times! She is given an over the knee spanking, is bound to a table and blindfolded, and has clamps attached to her nipples which are pulled cruelly by the mean Miss Crash. Her feet are whipped and clamps are applied between her toes. And later, while having hot wax poured on her bound body, Sophie has a vibrator held to her exposed pussy until she is writhing and begging for release!
Finally, Miss Crash has Cherry Torn in her grasp. Cherry is made to wear a collar that is attached to two long poles that attach to leather straps around her ankles. She is essentially hobbled. Miss Crash is treating Cherry like a bad little mouse, using mouse traps and clamping them onto her toes, her nipples, and any inch of flesh that can be grasped. Cherry is even made to wear a cheese shaped gag! Later, clothespins are attached to her breasts and then Miss Crash uses a crop to whip the pins until they fall off.

File Size : 713 Mb
Resolution : 852 x 480
Duration : 01:22:50

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