Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016

Sinderella's Revenge

Sinderella's Revenge

Poor Sinderella! She seems like the unluckiest maid on earth. Fresh out of the slammer, the only place she can find refuge is the home of her vicious cousin Marcy and Marcy’s spoiled and ultimate step-sisters Kim and Loretta.Taking full advantage of her desperation, the maids use Cindy as their personal bondslave. Notwithstanding, the tables are shortly after to turn! When Cindy’s rich uncle deceases, she finds herself in charge. Cindy assents to let her relatives stay on at the luxurious family homestead, but only after they have submitted themselves to a healthy dose of discipline in Cindy’s very own personal prison! Prepare yourself for HOM’s latest, hottest video, a twisted tale of greed, lust, cruelty and ever so dear revenge. Get prepared for sexual bondage performance, starring plenty of suspension, foot birching, rack stretching, milker clamping and lots of fantastic, aged fashioned, buttocks blistering whip whacking. This is one fairy tale that’s strictly for grownups!

Format: MP4
Duration: 00:59:18
Size: 777 MB
Resolution: 720x544

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