Montag, 12. Dezember 2016

Bitter Sweet Persuasion

Bitter Sweet Persuasion

Stars: Kimberly Noble, Suzi Sexton, Travis Lee, Jesse Keddings

Jane Waters is the sexy manager of an upscale lingerie shop who finds herself the bound and gagged plaything of her irate janitor along with her perky assistant Trish: After catching Ralph the janitor pleasuring himself when he was supposed to be mopping the floor, Jane fires the horny goon. In a fit of rage and lust Ralph goes berserk, grabbing his former boss and deftly binding her, then taking her to a backroom for some payback. Hoisted high from a rafter, Jane soon finds herself stripped to her pantyhose and thoroughly helpless. What devious plans did Ralph have for her? Jane quickly finds out as she is bound in one humiliating and uncomfortable position after another, her supple body soon criss-crossed in angry welts that speak volumes of the tragedies inflicted on her.
Jane's assistant Trish finally shows up for her shift, but she is also overcome by Ralph and soon finds herself bound naked next to her squirming boss in the store basement. To make matters worse, when Stan and the 2nd shift janitor shows up, instead of coming to the girls' aid, he decides to join Ralph for some more demented fun! Shot on location in the catacomb like basement of the Lickety Split Adult Video Store, don't miss this terse bondage drama!

File Size : 599Mb
Duration : 01:05:00
Resolution: 480x360

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