Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

Tales From The Black & Blue - The Pool

Tales From The Black & Blue - The Pool

Stars: Krissy Kage, Scar, BIP, Curry
Series: Talia Monet's Tales From The Black & Blue
Director: Talia Monet

In tonight's tale from the Black and Blue we encounter two young, hot housewives fed up with their beer drinking football watching, lazy husbands. Dreaming of a better life one of the girls tells about a legend she heard about from neighbors that there is secret portal in her pool that can take to a place where women are worshipped like goddesses. Having nothing to loose they take their chances and jump into the pool! Where they end up in anything but a day spa for women!

They find themselves in a very scary place where a creepy man enslaves these fed up housewives. When he's done with them they are begging to go back to their boring husbands!

Strict bondage, spanking, face slapping, hair pulling, verbal and physical humiliation and plenty of hot naked helpless slaves!!! Another Tale from the Black and Blue.

File Size : 617Mb
Duration : 01:05:54
Resolution: 480x360

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