Montag, 3. April 2017

Mandi's Submission

Mandi's Submission

Stars: Mandi, Cherry Torn

Submissive girls are meant to do what their mistress tells them to, so it’s no surprise that Mandi gets a bit of a run-down on what it means to be submissive via first-hand experience! Cherry Torn takes Mandi in hand for slave training. Mandi strips naked and is instructed in caring for Cherry's shoes and foot worship. After a session on the cross with nipple clamps, weights and whips, Mandi learns how to pleasure her Mistress orally. Cherry brings in an assistant to give her some additional pleasure while Mandi gets a little of her own from Cherry's lips, fingers and dildo.

File Size : 935Mb
Duration : 01:03:22
Resolution: 640x480

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