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Panty Gagged

Panty Gagged

Stars: Gina Rae Michaels, Kobe Lee, Marie Valentine, Dominic Wolfe, Betty Jaded, Candle Boxx

Gina Rae comes home from work to find room mate Kobe Lee watching TV. Kobe tells her that she's been watching her favorite Soap on TV and they had a girl tied up. Kobe says she can't believe how fake it is and she knows even though the girl kept struggling that she could have gotten untied and out of the ropes.
Gina tells Kobe that it is probably harder than it looks, but Kobe argues. The pair make a bet. Kobe is sure she can get out of any bondage position. Gina talks Kobe into taking off her clothes so that she will be more comfortable and soon she has Kobe tied spread eagle to the sofa bed. Kobe struggles and tries her best but in the end, she cannot get free.
Gina giggles and laughs at how silly and helpless Kobe looks but agrees to set her free. She crawls on the bed like she is going to untie the knots but instead she CRAMS Kobe's worn full back white panties in her mouth, tapes them in tightly and leaves Kobe to have some fun with friends. Kobe is screwed!! Maybe next time she will not be so confident!!! Afterwards, watch Kobe get free, pull the panties out of her mouth and talk in her own sexy words about her experience.

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File Size : 879 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:33:57

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