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Pain Times Seven

Pain Times Seven

Stars: Seven, Dave Darke

Seven is a gorgeous blonde babe who is kidnapped and sold into the cruel hands of bondage master Dave Darke. This exciting video opens with Seven being dragged against her will into an underground dungeon. After being stripped and fondled, Seven is hoisted into the air by a thick leather strap that runs through her crotch and digs painfully into her labia. The naked Seven is then forced to ride a wooden horse while a heavy stock keeps her arms held high and a tongue clamp keeps her protests to a minimum. The form of her body becomes covered with drool. The next scene finds Seven’s voluptuous breasts clamped in a vice like workbench. Dave begins flogging and cropping Seven’s beautiful ass. Seven screams in agony as each lash finds its mark and her ass is soon covered with angry red welts. The final scene finds Seven standing naked with her mouth held open by a dental gag. Dave applies tight clothespins to the tender flesh of Seven’s arms, breasts, and abdomen. Seven manages to remove some of the clothespins by shaking her large breasts back and forth. Dave punishes Seven by removing the remaining pins, with a riding crop. The video concludes as Dave provides Seven with a special surprise.

Format: wmv
File Size : 702 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:17:59

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