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Stars: Shawn Johnson, Tasha Lee, Cleo DiVaas, Lady Guinevere, Mistress Kayla, Mark Yurkiw, Invisible Isis, Adele Phi, Rachel Scheer, Fireman Bill, Chrystyne
Meg (Tasha Lee) is a fairly straight-laced attorney. When she expresses the desire to expand her rather limited sexual repertory, to include spanking play, her more experienced friend, Kristin, suggests she rent a "How-To" video. What Meg finds is a video entitled BDSM: From Bottom To Top. Popping it into the machine, Meg suddenly finds herself thrust into a world she could barely have imagined. What follows is a fantasy epic the like of which has never before been seen in a spanking film.

Format: wmv
File Size : 340.67 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 00:42:51

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