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Two Naughty Nuns

Two Naughty Nuns

Stars: Christina Carter, Keli Anderson, Cecil B.
Sister Anna is at it again. Father Cecil has caught her in a clandestine situation, but this time with another Nun, Sister Maria. He decides that in this situation the appropriate thing to do is to make them inflict corporal punishment on each other. Lo and behold, they are so turned on by it that they begin to fondle each other, and are headed back into the "throes" of bliss once again. Well, Father Cecil is having none of that - he takes each one in hand and proceeds to show them the correct way of punishing a Naughty Nun. In the end, we find that he has not had his purpose served at all because they are back in the bed again, and this time we think they will go "all the way". Father Cecil thinks to himself "this may not be all bad, because it will give me a reason to punish them again" (and we all know that Father Cecil enjoys this as much as anyone!!

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