Montag, 12. März 2018

Goon Squad

Goon Squad

Stars: Amber Bliss, Jon O'Brien, Jesse Keddings, Rick Masters
A hot hippie chick has her rights violated by a group of horny government thugs with more than politics on their minds...In a hypothetical world...After a devastating terrorist attack, the country is plunged into perpetual conflict by corrupt leaders with the ambiguous goal of wiping out world terrorism. Those who opppose the conflict are branded terrorists and are being quietly rounded up by secret squads for interrogation and imprisonment. While these squads don't officially exist, they are very real.Pretty coed Jennifer Chandler started a peace activist group online and began to make political statements critical of the government and quickly developed a faithful following. Little did she know that some of those followers were government agents, watching her every move, collecting a file on her subversive activities and plotting to torture the willowy beauty, all on the tax payer dime.

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