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Perversions Of Lesbian Lust

Perversions Of Lesbian Lust

Lesbian.Fetish,All Sex

Dylan Ryan Madison Young Princess Donna Paige Flash Nikita Lane Lorelei Lee

Madison Young lets us into her deepest perversions as she tells the story of her first kinky relationship. Dylan and Madison were like any other lesbian couple. They went off to work at 9am to their high power executive jobs and snuggled up to watch movies after dinner. But their Sunday mornings were a little...different. Sunday mornings Dylan Ryan became the dominant lesbian Mistress of Madison Young's dreams. Madison would live to serve Ms Ryan as she was fucked with lustful passion, made to crawl around on her hands and knees, clamped, caned, stuffed full of butt plug, punished, caged, and punished with water, all in the name of lustful lesbian love. And Thank you Ms Ryan are the only words to be uttered from Madison's quivering and hungry lips that thirst only for the sweet nectar of her mistress.

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