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Unconventional Tails

Unconventional Tails

 Daisy orders a "magic fantasy doll" that will fulfill her every need! Within moments, it shows up from Russia. Inside the box is a miniature toy clown and a set of instructions of how to bring it to life. She says the magic word and the toy becomes a human circus clown (Chibbles the Clown)! A six foot-two circus clown complete with the funny nose, big shoes and squirting flower lapel! After some comic antics to try to coax her out of what sort of sex she wants to have, he dominates her with BDSM toys and then they have disturbing, yet somehow pleasing kinky sex. But, as with any movie with a magic clown in it, there is an amazing plot twist near the end that will leave you breathless, dazed and confused.

Categories: Fetish, Slave, BDSM, Masochism, Bondage, Punishment, Rough, Fetish
Pornstars: Colin Rowntree, Daisy Layne, Dick Chibbles, Master Blackthorne, Mistress Irony
Studio: Wasteland

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