Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Beach Bound

Beach Bound

Cleo and Nicole have gone down to their beach house in Southern California for a day of sunbathing and surfing. They have rented two boards from the local surf shack, owned by Mr. Biggs. He happens upon their sunbathing spot and notices damage to both boards. Fuming, he demands payment but the girls have no money. They plead with him to go to the beach house to talk about it.
Once upstairs he demands payment, not in cash but in favors. Cleo is tightly tied up then Nicole is taken to another room where she too feels the tension of silky white ropes. Finally satisfied at getting his moneys worth, he grabs his boards and leaves them bound and gagged.
Then suddenly, just as quick as their bondage began, it ends. when the girls awaken to realize that they only have an hour left to use the surfboards. They look at each other in confusion and delight at another daydream on the white beaches of their California Mecca!

Video: wmv, 360x276, 1 400 Kbps
Duration: 44mn 20s
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