Freitag, 7. Juni 2013

The Tickle Channel 1

The Tickle Channel 1

1. Busty mandy taylor tickles the extremely ticklish and total feisty bitch redhead katrina cassidy. kat is a hard fighter and hates being tickled. she is leather strapped tight and unable to stop the busty mandy from working her ribs, armpits, legs, feet and even her ticklish butt!
2. Katrina cassidy gets to take her revenge out on mandy taylor. tickling if the arms, armpits, ribs, stomach, oh hell, mandy gets tickled nearly everywhere.
3. Sage bring his woman, the sexy navarre back to the playroom. i ask sage to bring navarre to the edge of orgasm and then tickle her until she is drenched in sweat and begging to cum.
4. Sexy jade indica is strapped up tight in leather. she needs to be strapped tight for the tickling that i am going to give her. once she is drenched in sweat from screaming, i tie her nipples to her big toes to try out her ticklish feet with the toothbrush vibes. jade earns her orgasm in this scene.

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