Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Teasing Berlin

Teasing Berlin

Femdom, Fetish, BDSM, Masturbation, Tit Punishment

Mistress Gemini, Berlin

Gemini was pleased with Berlin's performance in the dungeon and now they are in the medical room. Gemini binds Berlin to the wall and shoves a giant butt plug into her cunt. Berlin groans as her cunt is being stretched out and there is an audible pop when it finally goes in. Gemini covers Berlins bit natural tits with clips and also adds them to her nipples and pussy. Gemini tugs on the clips and removes them all very slowly making Berlin squeal. Then it's time for Berlin to get fucked. Gemini gets her up on the table with her legs in the stirrups. The rubber gloves go on and Gemini goes right into exploring Berlin's wet and inviting cunt. Gemini stretches her good. She spanks her cunt and then almost works in her whole hand with the vibrator going.

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DUration : 00:31:45
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