Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Broke Down

Broke Down

Stars: Paris Kennedy, Kali Kane, AnnaBelle Lee

A broken down car. A rough neighborhood. A chance knock on a door. AnnaBelle’s bad night gets a whole lot better when these unfortunate events lead her straight into Kali Kane and Paris Kennedy’s dungeon. Once they lay eyes on AnnaBelle, Kali and Paris agree to let her use their phone, for a price: her innocence. Watch Kali and Paris have their way with young AnnaBelle, corrupting her sweet nature as they bring her into the world of girl-on-girl domination. In plenty of hot lesbian scenes, these two lucky Dommes use wax play, strap-on play, spanking, bondage and even some hardcore anal play to teach the formerly sweet AnnaBelle the importance of keeping up on her maintenance.

File Size : 533 MB
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:00:00

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