Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Primal Fear

Primal Fear

Stars: Jill Kelly, Summer Cummings, Sky Blue

B&D Pleasures is taking you back in time to our earliest video library, where bondage legends were just learning their kinky craft. These are the videos that built the foundation of fetish entertainment. Summer Cummings is eagerly waiting to see Sky Blue but it makes Jill Kelly jealous, so she takes it out on her with some clothespins and a flogging. Jill still isn’t happy with just punishing Summer, so she confronts Sky, but the tables are turned and Jill is on the other end of the lash. Later Summer pisses off Sky so Sky pulls out her flaming floggers and blow gun and uses Summer as the target to teach her a lesson.

File Size : 544 MB
Resolution : 720 x 480
Duration : 01:02:00

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