Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Bound To Suffer

Bound To Suffer

What starts as a horrible nightmare for the curvaceous Jewell Marceau ends up being a twisted tale of bondage and voodoo in this seductive video. While telling her friend Cleo about her nightmare, the mysterious box from her dreams appears before Jewell. Inside is a strange and powerful ring that when slipped on slender finger releases a bondage loving zombie that posses Marceau and subjects her too the tightest, most erotic tying, binding and gagging she has ever known. When Cleo rushes over, she too becomes a victim of this strange, undead entity who now controls Jewell’s every action. With sexy large breasted babes in stunning and original bondage perils, this is a must see B&D production!

Stars: Jewell Marceau Cleo Nichole

File Name : bdsm_367_Bound_To_Suffer.mp4
File Size : 957 Mb
Duration : 01:01:10
Resolution: 640×480

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