Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Katrina’s Overtime

Katrina’s Overtime

Stars: Katrina

Curious Katrina finds two mysterious boxes filled with kinky clothing and bondage paraphernalia. Since she’s working alone in the shipping department this evening, she decides to try on some lingerie and do some experimenting in self-bondage, at the thrilling risk of getting caught. What fellow is a sequence of very tight bondage ties on the workbench, the forklift, and a large upright pillar. Her expressions of sexual delight under the constricting embrace of very tight rope make it abundantly clear that this lady is a true bondage addicts. But then, aren’t we all!

File Name : bdsm_385_Katrinas_Overtime.wmv
File Size : 455 Mb
Duration : 00:55:40
Resolution: 720×480


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