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Tales Of The Black & Blue -The Doll

Tales Of The Black & Blue -The Doll

Stars: Jewell Marceau, Byron Knight

In the fourth Tales Of the Black & Blue, we have the story of the "The Doll". Weak-kneed Byron has just come home from a yard sale where he bought an old doll which starts his loud and obnoxious wife Jewell to scold him like a child. But Byron isn't going to take it today; he's hearing voices from the doll that make him pissed and take charge.

He throws Jewell over his lap for a good spanking, puts her through a series of tight bondage positions to teach her a lesson. Bound, gagged, and drooling Jewell has no idea what has come over her husband but she's starting to like it. What other mischief will the doll cause this unhappy couple?

Bonus Footage Included!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 0:55:01
Size: 516 Mb

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