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Night Prowler 4

Night Prowler 4

Stars: Kelly Mckay, Candi Licks, Travis Lee
Otis Hearald was a deranged deviant until beautiful criminal psychologist Dr. Maxine began her Virtual Reality Therapy on him.
Now, Otis has been transformed from a psycho-sexual menace, into a civilized human being again.
But just under the thin veneer of Otis's now mild mannered demeanor, lays a world of sinister desires. Fortunately, they are held firmly in check by his therapy with Dr. Max. Using Virtual Reality, or VR, Otis can live out his sickest fantasies, so he no longer feels the need to act out in real life.
In this, the final chapter of the Night Prowler Series, the journey continues into the darkest recesses of the deviant mind. The scene of Otis's fantasy is a dank basement peepshow, where live video of squirming submissives is displayed for drooling patrons. This is where Dr. Max can be found, his beautiful angel of mercy, now cruelly bound and gagged. Otis is in ecstasy as he clothespins and flogs her firm breasts and soft belly. The blonde beauty writhes in sweat-covered agony as the whip cracks over and over.
Also there, stretched tightly on a rack, is Sindy Sinclaire, a local TV reporter. Otis saw the big-breasted brunette on the news, now she's in his fantasy. She's not reporting much now because of the bright red ball gag strapped tight between her lips. Nude and helpless, her eyes grow ever wider as Otis approaches, whip in hand. Appreciatively eyeing her large erect nipples as they rise and fall rhythmically over her heaving chest, Otis can't wait to punish her fleshy mounds. Sindy's humiliation is complete as she is covered in clothespins, and then worked over with a gigantic dildo.
Meanwhile, Dr. Max is tied up in a peepshow booth, bent over nude with a sign on her back saying "Free Fuck." It isn't long before every horny mook in the place, including Otis, has used her, leaving her a cum-glazed mess. Otis is a sick one, but fortunately this is only a fantasy. Dr. Max and the nosy reporter will be blissfully unaware or the horrors they just endured inside Otis's virtual world.

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