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Stars: Penelope Pace, Tabitha Jordan

Agent Patricia Clark is sent on a surveillance detail to a remote warehouse suspected of being the weapons manufacturing plant of a militant cult group calling itself SUPERMAX. With its origins in the penal system, SUPERMAX's political blend was hard to determine, but their techniques were decidedly high-tech. Intelligence suggested they were working on some sort of chemical or biological weapon.
The leader was called "Zulu Frank Xray" and was always accompanied by his gorgeous blonde bodyguard known as the High Priestess. No one outside the cult had ever actually seen "Zulu". Informants said he had been the subject of a super secret government prison experiment and had escaped. Strange rumors had it that he may be partially invisible. While no one in the agency believed these far fetched tales, one thing seemed certain. He was looking for revenge on a grand scale.
Beautiful Agent Clark is lured into a trap by the sexy and sinister high Priestess. Poor Patricia is strung up, stripped, whipped, hung upside down, ball gagged and beaten for any information she may have. Courageous and tough, Patricia refuses to cooperate with her evil captor. But the High Priestess has other plans even more devious to break our feisty heroine, including a visit with the mythical "Zulu" himself.

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