Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

Gabriella Paltrova & OGRE

Gabriella Paltrova & OGRE

Stars: Gabriella Paltrova, Ogre

DungeonCorp introduces another mouthwatering, adorable little package in Gabriella Paltrova...Gabi has no experience but lots of interest and that is always a good first sign...It was fun to watch her strip and pose...her body gets hotter and hotter the more clothes you remove...I was anxious to have control of her...Once collared and gagged, I direct her to get down on all fours and crawl for my amusement...and it's easier to kiss my boots from down low...which she does upon command...Then standing in cuffs around her wrists...I pull her right off the ground and she tolerates this stress well...her body looks amazing hanging in the air, stunned and waiting to be let down...I flog her ass and make her grind her pussy on the magic wand...The next three rigs test Gabriella's will to endure and it proves to be strong...very strong...the final scene features Gabriella oiled up on a slanted rack...a pussy impaler is rigged and gives intense sensations as her arms weaken and her body weight pulls her down onto the cock...Gabriella promised to come back and let us test her again...

File Size : 691 Mb
Duration : 00:55:25
Resolution: 852x482


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