Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

In The Company Of Miss Demore

In The Company Of Miss Demore

Stars: Natali Demore, Ariel X

Miss Demore owns a successful adult toy manufacturing company and attends a convention in Los Angeles accompanied by her sexy, irreplaceable assistant Ariel (whom Miss Demore has been lusting over for quite some time). Unable to control her amorous urges, Miss Demore summons Ariel to her room. Ariel is taken aback by the sexually aggressive intentions of her boss. Miss Demore seduces the young assistant with feverish intent. The two business beauties engage in a private meeting which includes heavy wooden paddling, compelled kissing, nipple tease, pussy spanking, ass eating, pussy eating, flogging, dildo gags, strap-on play, breast caning, hair brush pussy paddling, rope bondage, double-dong dildo play and the testing of a secret Russian prototype sexual stimulator. It's good to be the boss! Dripping hot with authentic BDSM sex and filmed with two of the top fetish stars in the business: Natali Demore and Ariel X!

File Size : 978Mb
Duration : 01:13:02
Resolution : 720 x 404


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