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Nylon Fantasies Vol. 1

Nylon Fantasies Vol. 1

In the first part, intruder Juliette was caught by the house owner.
Now she lies at the sofa with her hands tied behind her back. She wears a black latex mini, shiny nylons, boots and rubber gloves.

The man has called the police but they need some time, so he has the idea to have some fun with the girl. He wants to teach her a lesson not to break into someone’s home. He takes out his dick and fucks the girl from behind. She moans to her gag as the man rams his cock deep into her pussy. Then he changes the position and fucks her in front. So he can touch and squeeze her naked tits.
As he finished the fucking the man unties the girl’s hands. Juliette must take on her clothes again. Then he reties her hands behind her back with the pantyhose and she must sit down on the sofa again.
Now it’s time to wait for the police to take the girl to the prison.
Juliette lies on the bed in a total pantyhose encasement. She is spread eagled and tied to the bed. She feels the nylon on her skin and the ropes at her wrists and ankles. The heat between her legs is growing.
Then it’s time for Juliette to feel the chains of slavery. She wears still her pantyhose encasement and is tied with leather cuffs and heavy chains. She feels so horny that she starts to touch herself.
Finally Juliette turns back to the bed. She lays hogtied on it. So she has no chance to touch herself again and the heat between her legs makes her wet. She rolls over the bed and hopes to get the orgasm she needs now.

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