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Stripper In Distress

Stripper In Distress

Bondage, Bondage Sex

Juliette is a stripper and was booked for a party. She comes to the house in a sexy outfit with black miniskirt, heels and a leather corset. She has also a cd player for the music. She knocks at the door and a man opens. As Juliette comes in the room she is a little bit surprised. No one is in the room except for the guy. She asks where the other people are. But the man has a really surprise for her. He was the man who has booked her and he is the only one. No party with other guys. He wants a blowjob and he takes off his belt and Juliette has an idea. She does so as if she wants to blow his dick and as the guy pulls down his trousers she says to him that she never will do it and runs out of the room. She searches after the right way and hides behind a tree. After a while the man follows her and runs to the wrong side. Juliette waits and comes out of her hiding place. She takes off her heels and she knows that her pocket with the car key is still in the house of the guy. Poor Juliette. She doesn't see him. He stands behind a bush and overpowers her. He wants a deal now. If she does what he says he will not give her bad ratings at her stripper face book account. Juliette protests but agrees. He pushes her to a place where he cuffs her wrists with leather cuffs on her back. She gets a leather slave collar and connects her hands to the collar. He takes out his dick and now she kneels on the grass and blows his dick. And he fucks her too!

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