Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Eurogasm 8

Eurogasm 8

Karinne and I use the wand, glass dildo, and flogger on Alyssa. She cums over and over again. All while tied wrist to ankle threaded thru a chain pulling her hair. She loves it. Lots of cream in this scene. Karinne cums a few times too. But this scene is all about our new star Alyssa. Kendra James finds herself, nude, gagged, and ball tied. Her hair tied down, legs spread and ankles tied up, exposing her completely. I start by tickling her sensitive feet. Kendra hates being tickled, so I offer to stop tickling if she asked to be flogged. I flog her until she begs to be tickled again. After this play I bring out the glass dildo and the wand for some forced orgasm play. Karinne is helplessly strapped down. She reacts with wide eyes as I tickle her. Her eyes widen even more as I slip on the latex gloves. She knows her tight ass is going to be violated. Karinne cums more times than ever, well past her orgasm limits, as I use the wand and dildos on both her tight holes.

Title: Eurogasm 8
Quality: wmv, 640x480, 1 915 Kbps
Duration: 1h 19mn
File size: 1.14 GiB

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