Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Forced Orgasms 59

Forced Orgasms 59

Sheridan returns to push her limits a little more and I could not be more pleased! I really enjoy playing with her. Great legs. Tough but tamable. Loves to cum. My kind of girl. Scene 1: Up on her toes by a noose and a crotch rope. She cums while straining to stay high on her toes. Scene 2: Stretched wide, she is ordered NOT to cum while I work her with the wand. Hot reactions in this position! Scene 3: Tied spread eagle. Nipples tied to her toes. Feet flogged to make her pull. The wand plays her to multiple orgasms. Scene 4: A very tight hogtie with a strap around her neck tied to her feet! Sheridan arches to breath while she works the wand on the floor between her legs! This is one girl I would not mind keeping around..

Title: Forced Orgasms 59
Quality: wmv, 640x480, 1 915 Kbps
Duration: 1h 14mn
File size: 1.07 GiB

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