Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

The Orgasm Bar 36

The Orgasm Bar 36

The older a woman gets, the more in tune she is sexually. Watch this toned redhead 40-something milf work the bar like the slut that she is. Total non stop orgasms in this first part with plenty more to 'cum'. The straps are tightened, the wand turned on high. This 40-something redhead is taken past her orgasm limits. 21 year old redheaded bondage star slowly works the bar knowing she can't last long. She squirts twice in this segment. I've never seen someone fight many of the straps off like Ashley does after she squirts the last time. One of the best on tip toe dances I have seen on the predicament.

Video: wmv, 848x480, 1 915 Kbps
Duration: 1h 30mn
File size: 1.31 GiB

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