Montag, 8. April 2013

The Tickle Channel 14

The Tickle Channel 14

Nyssa Nevers is bound spread eagle with leather straps. She is so ticklish she laughs loud as straps slide across her. I tickle her hard for the first part of her long tickle teasing ordeal. Nyssa screams as the small vibrators touch her ticklish skin. I tape small vibrators to her nipples. Watch the spot in the center of her panties grow while I snap pictures. Nyssa is tickled with a vibrator taped to her armpit to make her thrash while I get the feathers that dance all over her ticklish body. Nyssa's arm is losing circulation, so I free it for a moment. While it regains flow, I hand her the vibrator and tell her to keep herself on the edge of cumming or else I will tape those vibrators to her arms pits and leave her. Nyssa's wet panties are cut away and stuffed in her mouth. her pussy and clit are tickled with feathers. Her clit is so sensitive that the feather hurts. The Hitachi magic wand is hung to lightly press against Nyssa's swollen pussy. It doesn't take long for her to have a massive drawn out orgasm. For that she gets tickled again thru another orgasm. ..

Video: wmv, 640x480, 1 915 Kbps
Duration: 1h 35mn
File size: 1.38 GiB

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