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Asians Bound & Fucked


Asians Bound & Fucked

Stars: Yumiko, Chanta Rose, Maxine X, Scott Rhodes, Siren Thorn

Released: 2007

Sexy, young Asian Sluts are bound, punished and compelled to orgasm by Chanta Rose and Scott Rhodes. Incredibly beautiful Maxine X is bound back to back with Asian bondage sex kitten, Yumiko, as Chanta Rose takes turns torturing their helpless bodies with whips, paddles, nipple clamps, gags and hot wax on their exposed tits. Then, she rewards them with intense compelled orgasms as they writhe and moan in pain and ecstasy as they are compelled to orgasm without control and as Chanta decides. Then, sexy Asian bondage slut, Jaden, is chained and collared in her cage before Scott Rhodes takes her out and puts her in an extreme elbow tie. Her legs are bound and she is cleave gagged with her wet panties in her mouth. Next, electrodes are secured to her nipples and she is zapped while helplessly bound by her Master. She is fucked with a huge black dildo and her pussy gushes and creams as she screams and cums hard without control! Then, she is blindfolded and affixed to a heavy metal rack. A 3 1/2 foot fuck stick penetrates her smoldering, wet cunt and the magic wand vibes her clit as she is whipped. Nipple clamps pinch as she is allowed to orgasm uncontrollably again, as pain and pleasure sweep over her beautiful, bound body. Once he is finished using her, the cruel Master tosses the hot and violated slut to Maxine X who has her way with her with more compelled orgasms and oral. Sandy, Yumiko and Maxine X will never be the same after this incredibly hot and intoxicating cocktail of pain and pleasure - And you won't be the same after you witness their intense violations. Compelled orgasms, domination, submission, hot wax, whipping, anal, caning, oral, electro, gags and much more!

File Size : 838.53 MB
Resolution : 480x360
Duration : 01:33:00

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