Sonntag, 20. April 2014

Case Closed

Case Closed

Stars: Regina Sharp, Sherilyn, Benny the Binder

Benny has come to New York to mete out some old fashioned LA gang justice against a mob boss that stole a briefcase full of undisclosed goods. Breaking into the suspect's house he finds Sherilyn in the kitchen. She is dragged to the living room where he administers taunt ties to her legs and hands. Unable to get her to disclose any information, he ventures into the other rooms.
There we find Regina, awakened with a bandage wrapped across her face and mouth. Furious and frustrated Benny ties her spread-eagled against all four posts of the bed. Still unable to get what he wants he ransacks the house.
He reties Sheriyln even more, laying her across the room. Regina is then hogtied and secured to each end of the bed Tired of their incessant whimpers he decides to tie them back to back and once more ventures into the hunt.
Jackpot! He finds what he is looking for! After he blindfolds and reties the girls once again he peeks gleefully into the briefcase. And he leaves as stealthfully as he entered. His LA crime boss will very happy with him.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 0:56:04
Size: 527 MB

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