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Monkee Business

Monkee Business

Stars: April May, Misty Lane, Angella Faith, D.J. Houston, Anthony Lawton, Deacon Blue
A cloud of gloom hangs over the tiny woodland village of St. Germaine. The lovely young girls of the village, once bubbling with laughter are now in a state of chronic depression. A big city doctor would diagnose this as classic PMS. But the village crone knows better. She has seen this before. Clearly these girls have been possessed by demons of depression. This is a job for Brother Luke, exorcist monk. The possessed girls have been bound and carried to the monastery where Brother Luke applies the tried and true techniques of tickling and bondage. After their tender skin has been cruelly caressed by the holy feather from the angel St. Michael, they will be besides themselves with laughter. The demons of gloom can't stand laughter1 once again the good monk has driven out the demons and restored joy to the village. Nevertheless, Bother Luke keeps his holy feather at the ready. One never knows. By this time next month the demons of gloom may return. It has been known to happen.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 0:57:26
Size: 531 MB

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