Dienstag, 22. April 2014

Trained For Pain

Trained For Pain

In this video, we have two attractive young women who want to work at a Bondage Club. To do that, they must go through an interview, and then strenuous training session. The main objective, here, is to learn how to bind customers and how to fully use their skills so that the customers get the most of their money. Initially, the women are tied up on a sofa, fully clothed. And are shown just what it is that they are supposed to do, by watching each other go through the paces. Hopefully as they watch, the are also learning. While the training session continues, on of the girls falls over. This irritates the Dominatrix to no end, so she proceeds to grab the woman's legs and tie them behind her head. Then she bonds the other girls hands and feet, and then ties her to the other. Now the Dominatrix is quite pissed off, after having to go to such extremes with these two women. So she decides that she will just leave them, bound and helpless and she just walks away.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 1:03:57
Size: 570 MB


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