Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014

Final Exam (Part 1)

Final Exam (Part 1)

Stars: Justine, Sharon Kane, Ernest Green

The institute is a unique training ground for submissive women. Our heroine has come at the behest of her Master to expand and test her limits and horizons as a slave. She meets number 5 who assists her rigorous ordeals and participates in a surprise ending. While at the school she also encounters two of the "house" slaves as well as other interesting characters. The three slaves are put through many exciting and diverse forms of bondage and discipline, from an "electric" chair and suspension while having to count the number of strokes for each other! Other ordeals include an upside down X-frame bondage.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 1:01:01
Size: 576 MB


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