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The Training Of Jade

The Training Of Jade

Stars: Lady Jade, Leslie Savage


Jade is a gorgeous blonde submissive that desires the strong and seductively wicked attention of her Mistress. Jade wants to see just how much agony and pleasure she can endure at the hands of Mistress Leslie Savage. Your temples will pound with the up-close eroticism these two women create on screen.
Jade is stripped naked and restrained with leather straps on her wrists. Bared and ready for her Mistress’ ministrations, Jade’s skink is creamy, flawless and luminescent. Mistress Jade begins a relentless cadence of strokes with the whip on Jade’s flesh. Jade’s body arches and twists with each stinging lash. Red marks appear on her perfect body and her pouting lips sing a song of woe with each cruel stroke.
Her Mistress applies the whip to her tender flesh over and over, before lying her down and dripping how wax onto her breasts and stomach. She uses a whip to loosen and remove the wax, and then pleasures Jade with a dildo before leaving her in the dungeon to relax in satisfaction.

Resolution: 640 x 480
Time: 0:58:12
Size: 876 MB


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