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TBC 2013 Vol. 3

TBC 2013 Vol. 3

Stars: Violet

New blonde pet could do a reverse prayer and ends up lotus tied. The rope slut assistant gets a hog tie. Both get a taste of the slapper.
Violet suggested that when she’s tied to the orgasm bar, she could also see her favorite porn to help her cum even more. Good idea. Watch her reaction when she’s instructed not to orgasm or else…15 minutes of denial has her glaring.
Violet dances on tip toes, shaking with every orgasm. Grimacing as the orgasms becomes too much. She laughs when she finds that the master is masturbating. Bad idea for her.
Briella Jaden gets groped as she’s slowly tied. Great intimate BDSM as she’s slapped, grabbed, and groped. Her hair is pulled and she’s strapped tight.
Briella is on the edge of orgasms and is kept there under command and threat of reprisal. After 15 minutes, the wand is turned up higher.
This busty pornstar is stretched out. Moaning through her gag as she rides the edge of orgasms. Her panty covered pussy humping at the hitachi that hangs lightly against the right spot. She screams in frustration with the need to cum badly.
Seems Alora turns out to be quite a screamer when she cums hard. Left with the hitachi tied to her pussy, she screams heself out as the orgasms become too much.

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Resolution : 852 x 480
Duration : 01:50:13

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